Sonntag, 7. September 2008

Keine Fragen an Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin versteckt sich seit der Bekanntgabe ihrer Kandidatur, die nun fast zehn Tage zurückliegt, vor den Fragen der Presse. Das macht unter anderen Andrew Sullivan sehr wütend:

Steve Schmidt does not impress me in the slightest. He is guilty of professional malpractice. And some of us can't be bullied by spitballs from National Review. I will keep asking questions - in order to provide as much information to my readership as possible. We don't live in a totalitarian society. We can talk about whatever the hell we want. And if the First Amendment does not apply to asking important questions of someone who could be president next January, then it's meaningless.
And what does it tell you that in the week since they introduced their new nominee, the Republican machine has been able to do nothing but attack those who want to know more about her?
This is the Internet's moment, when it will flush the truth out against some of the creepiest power brokers this country has had to deal with since Nixon.

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