Sonntag, 2. März 2008

Surprise in Rhode Island

According to Bill Schneider, CNN Political Analyst, Obama is now slightly ahead in Texas while Clinton has a single-digit lead in Ohio. Remember Hillary saying she would wipe-out Texas and Ohio? That was only two weeks ago. Well in December she also said the whole thing would be over on February 5th. Now the surprise is: even in poor little Rhode Island it is close. And this (as well as Maine) was supposed to be Clinton territory.

On the question if the press has been unfair with Ms. Clinton, Andrew gave the right answer yesterday. Can you imagine Clinton having won the last ten caucuses in a row, how everbybody would be talking now? However if she wins Texas and Ohio on a narrow margin on Tuesday she will stay in. If she loses I am looking forward to the moment when she will concede the election. Will she know how to lose?

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